“The Perfect Horse”

As I sat comfortably in a chair located in my cross tie area I began to reflect on statements that are made about this versatile and athletically talented horse of ours. The Tennessee Walking horse is truly talented. They make great trail riding horses because of their gentle nature and their easy gait. They are outstanding when prepared for show in flat shod classes whether it be in a trail shoe or plantation shoe. Yet some of the most athletic and sometimes spirited horses make outstanding padded horses with high stepping front end, gliding back end and a head set that says, “Look at Me.”

Pondering yet further I was led to a comment on a video posted on Walking Horse Club Ky, that stated that there was no way a horse could do that much without cheating. This thought led me to forgiveness first, acceptance secondly, but a realization that people in general make statements based on their own knowledge which is many times quite limited.

We often base our opinions on the assumption that all people and all animals are created equal. Personally I have not found that to be true when concerning physical endeavors.

When I was young, about the eighth grade, I wanted to be a track star. I quickly found out that there were many who could run 100 yards much faster than I could. Because of that realization I started training harder. I did improve yet I could never compete with many of the runners in the 100 yard dash. In an effort to compete successfully I found that I was much better suited for longer distances and had great success in the 5k races.

My next adventure of a physical adventure was in the sport of basketball. Being from Kentucky it seemed only right that I would give it a try. Moderate success was found in my middle school days, yet I discovered that as the taller athletes became more coordinated my advantages were diminishing. Soon I was replaced by athletes who could not only dribble and defend but were also quite gifted when it came to shooting and rebounding. No matter how hard I practiced I could not catch up with their level of talent and skills. It was at that point that I turned to the sport of wrestling and was able to have a dream come true with a four year scholarship and much success.

My conclusion is that all people and all animals are not created equal. Natural ability trumps the desire and work ethic in all physical endeavors. The Michael Jordan’s, while certainly having a dedicated work ethic, are born in this world to perform at the highest level of competition.

Many horses of our breed are perfectly fit to be the greatest and most talented endurance horses, while others are much better at short distances. Our flat shod horses are a perfect fit with their terrific head cadence and over-stride, while other horses are capable of competing in a high stepping gait with long over-stride and presence.

Quickly I will note that my knowledge is limited to the experiences and research that I have been able to obtain thus far. It is my greatest hope that as you read this you will realize that we are all limited by our own experiences in life. In addition I would state that we need to realize that it is quite possible for some people and some animals to be more physically talented than others.

It is my most sincere hope that each of you will find exactly the right horse for your purposes and have great success, with a realization that finding the perfect horse will be contingent upon your purpose and the horses capacity to do what you want your horse to do.

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