Laws to go by with your horsemanship

Laws to go by with your horsemanship
By:Charlie Roach

1. Never allow or stop on a brace: Ex. If your horse is pulling on one rein or the other that is a brace and it must be fixed before you go any further. I would hold that rein until the horse stopped bracing or turn in a circle in the direction of the brace with leg pressure on the same side as the brace. Leg pressure should be behind the girth.
2. Always listen to your horse: Ex. Your horse is always telling us something. It may be good or bad. Don’t be such a drill sergeant while trying to understand the horse’s point of view. If law One and Two seem to contradict each other you definitely need to listen much closer.
3. Stop lying to your horse by giving mixed signals: EX. You want your horse to back up. Do you want to back up or go forward? If you are pulling back then releasing you would be giving two cues. When you want to back up hold pressure until you get the results you are looking for then release. If you want four steps back, try holding for those four steps before you release.
4. Be the best teacher you can by knowing what to do, when to do, why to do, and how to do. Ex: If you are trying to teach your horse how to flat walk before you have taught how to separate feet, you are in trouble. One can not walk before they crawl.
5. Abort the idea of baby sitting your horse: Ex. Wait for your horse to make the mistake. After he makes the mistake correct the mistake. Don’t constantly nag your horse as he is thinking of slowing down. Once your horse has come to a stop give you horse an effective cue to go forward. Be firm but fair with every cue with consistency.
6. Always have a lesson plan which includes exactly what you want to teach, before going into your classroom with your horse. Ex: Today’s lesson is teaching my horse to back. Step by step instruction’s that make’s sense to you and your horse.
I hope you find these laws of horsemanship helpful. There will be more to come. Now remember if you take the time it takes it takes less time.

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