Young Guns Colt Preview Breaks The Ice

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Young Guns Colt Preview Breaks The Ice

By: bob roach

The Young Guns Colt Preview was a breakthrough for our industry and was, “Just Plain Right.”  The horses were checked before they went in and they represented the great breeding programs along with the hard work of the trainers to prepare them for a possible show ring career.

The breakthrough came about as a result of two leading flat shod trainers confidently taking their colts to the preview.  Not only were Circle T. and Hannah Pulvers Stables  present but they were received with open arms.

Filled with joy was I as I watched the event unfold.  David Williams voice was full of excitement about the great padded colts that were rumored to come and put on a show.  But, when asked, “Can we bring flat shod colts to the preview?”  His answer and his voice left nothing in question.  His eyes sparkled and his voice said,  “Certainly, bring them on, we would love to have flat shod colts represented at the Young Guns Colt Preview.”

It is very important that everyone realizes the importance of inclusiveness within our industry.  All of the horses that were presented at the colt preview were registered Tennessee Walking Horses.  Not only were they the same breed but the blood line was the same regardless of the discipline.  Lined With Cash, He’s Putting on The Ritz, Master of Jazz, The Coach, Gen’s  Black Gin, Straight Line, Santana’s El Nino, Whole Nine Yards, Steel Justice, Watch it Now, Arm’s Deal for Real, Generators Silver Dollar, A Strong Dollar, All American Cash, Kid Callahan, and  The Titleist.

It appears to me that the great Tennessee Walking Horses are not bred to be either pleasure or performance.  If they have the right conformation, gait, and natural ability, one merely needs to decide how they want their horse to perform and then train them for the division that they desire.

At the end of the day, The Young Gun Colt Preview was an outstanding event to showcase our great breed.  We owe a great deal of gratitude to David Williams for putting this event together, and we can thank him best by following his lead  with respect and acceptance for all of our horses.  We also owe the breeders of today and the breeders of yesterday for the progress that has been made in our horses agility, gait, conformation, and beauty.



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