A Day to Remember

Have you ever had a day that you just know you will never forget? I had that kind of day today. As site manager for Walking Horse Club Ky, I was welcomed with open arms at J.&H. Stables. I had no idea that I was in for such a treat. It was like…. well, it was like a dream come true if you love walking horses like I do. I especially enjoy the prospective two year old’s. Imagine that you are in the center ring of a big horse show listening to the cheerful sounds of “Atta Boy! Yeah Man! And, bring him on. The atmosphere was positive and each of the customers were so supportive of each other. That genuine respect and friendship made it obvious that I was in the middle of something that will be a day to remember.

The first horse to really get my attention was a five year old owned by Joe Dan Reed. Talk about entertaining, it was almost as if he audibly said,”Look at me.” And every time I looked up his animated gait impressed me that much more. I no more than scratched my head before Jake had an All American Cash filly out that was like getting a promise from a girl friend. Every step she took said, You haven’t seen anything yet! She was promising that she was just getting started.

Well Margaret Coy has a two year old filly in the barn also. You know how the girls like to step out in front of each other. She came down the rail of that barn stepping high and striding as far as she could. I remember thinking how proud I was that this was Margret’s filly and I was glad to see that she was the kind that will definitely be heard from. Now I don’t mean to “Shock Yall” but no quicker than I could turn around, Jason made a pass on Charlie Stiver’s horse that made me want to shout. No pun intended just because he looks a lot like her.

I guess it was time for the Amateurs to show out because Al, Margaret,and Bobbie rode their amateur horses next. While the horses were obviously well trained and doing a great job, that was not what impressed me the most on this day. You see, relationships are important to me and it was clear that the relationships that have been built between trainer,customer, and each other, was special. It gave me a warm feeling inside to realize that even though it’s a business, they take it personal. I have heard the expression, “don’t take it personal” all my life, but I never really understood that expression. If it is between one person and another… that’s personal. Okay enough of philosophy 101.

Well, horses are horses but let’s get serious. Sometimes it takes a little more to keep my attention. Jim Curry was as entertaining as a three ring circus. He told story after story that kept me in stitches. Funny thing about it is all of his stories were true! I am not saying who but I understand that one of Danny’s customers thought he was riding his own horse but really was not. When he got off, Jason asked him how he liked his ride and the customer said,”best ride I ever had on my horse.”

I knew it was getting close to lunch time because I looked up and there was Martha White. No it was not the famous cook with those great recipe’s. It was Al riding a white mare by Wicked Walker that would make a hungry man stop eating and take a long look. He rode every hair on her and when he went run walk you could see how proud Al was. No! not of her performance. He was proud that he was still on her back. Seriously, he did a great job of showing his mare off.

The customers all went off to lunch with Bob Porter and I thought they would never get back. It was reported that the Lasagna was absolutely delicious and Bobbie learned that those little black things in the salad are called olives. I did not know that the Porter’s owned a restaurant but what amazed me even more was that you can actually get a glass of wine right there in Russell Springs,Kentucky. I guess that explains what took them so long. I stayed and ate carry out with the the crew at J.& H. Stables. I was afraid if I left I might miss another good one and I did not want that to happen.

Oh my! I sure am glad I stayed. I watched a Homer 5 yr old that can hold his own in any class. His head was set so well with his head held high that I thought Danny was going to have to get his G.P.S. out to see where he was going. And every step he took looked like it would surely be his last one because he was stepping further with his back end than a kindergartner playing mother may I. I’m telling you that horse can really cover some ground.

Just when I thought it could not get any better… it did! Danny brought out this magnificent and powerful three year old Jazz man colt. It did not take but a simple glance to realize that he was truly something special. His ears were alert, his eyes were bright and it appeared that he knew that he was special. I know that Charlie Stivers owns this brilliant horse, but at that moment he was ours to behold. When Danny asked him to flat walk it was obvious that the Jazz Man colt loved his job. He walked in perfect rhythem shaking his head boldly with every step. Each step was more enchanting than the last. By the time he was going at a run walk, I was hoping that this would never stop. But then he did and before I could be disenhearted Danny asked me if I wanted to ride. Do I want to ride I thought, why I would pay to ride a horse like that. I would not tell Danny that because he would have held his hand out! Was I nervous? Sure, but let me tell you, and this is one of the things that makes a difference at J.& H. Stables. Danny told me to hold him snugly until he squared up. He told me that when he squares up I should turn him loose just a bit. Oh my goodness, it was exactly like he said. I was no longer nervous about riding this powerful Jazz Man colt anymore. I could just sit back and enjoy the ride. When Danny instructed me to go run walk it was one of the most exhilarating times of my life. This bold and powerful Tennessee Walking horse doing what he was born to do.

Good times will be plenty and with good friends and our creator we will get through all circumstances. But I will always have my…. Day to Remember.

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