Billie Nipper….. “SHE PAINTS PICTURES” (video & poem… tribute to Billie)

Billie Nipper….. “SHE PAINTS PICTURES” (video & poem… tribute to Billie)

Billie Nipper… she paints pictures
In the middle of the storm that we call life, many things pass right by and we never even see them. But then…… in an instant we realize that there are special people, with a special gift, that slow it all down and remind us of what is really important…… she paints pictures

12376201_1721586108075244_1545662178630614249_nThose special moments that we want to hold onto forever, those moments that steal your heart & make your heart beat fast. She captured them all….. She paints pictures.

1934818_1113227669826_2019178_nA mother, grandmother, and friend to all. That look in her eyes that sometimes put us in our place and gave us perspective. A smile that said I’ve already been there….. She paints pictures.

Yes! God, family, and friends are the most important to Billie, but in the middle of it all and her gift to us….. She paints pictures.


12 Responses to Billie Nipper….. “SHE PAINTS PICTURES” (video & poem… tribute to Billie)

  1. Beautiful words in memory of a beautiful lady, loved by so many world wide! My heart is heavy at our loss seeing her beautiful smile no more. Her brush strokes will be with us forever. Comfort and peace for her family.

  2. Bob what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful and talented lady. She will always to missed in the Walking Horse industry.

    Char Johnson

  3. Billie Nipper was certainly a classy and very talented lady..She was so charming and very easy to talk with..I have two of her pictures hanging on my living room wall (The Warmup Ring and The Celebration. I will treasure them forever…She will certainly be missed . I am so glad that I stopped in her shop and talked with her at last years Celebration..

  4. What a wonderful and special tribute. We are so overwhelmed with the love being shown to us. Nobody will ever know just how important Nana’s horse family was to her. I am not nearly as tough as her, but she layed out some specifics she wanted to continue. May be a while, but I know Skyler plans to carry out as many wishes for people to still be able to enjoy her work. We will just have to wait a while. There is no measurement of love we feel for all of you