2 Responses to Country Pleasure vs. Trail Pleasure

  1. the classes are typical of those in Texas and Tenn. Some of the CP horses should definately be in TP and some of the TP horses should be in CP. I think that CP should be for the horse that does not have as much action as TP but is still a pleasure to ride and look at. I do think the CP horse should walk but just not have as deep a head shake or as much rear end reach as the TP horse. But if the CP horse has on a keg shoe and does that much with the keg shoe, it is legal for him to be in CP. These are the ones that usually win. I feel like if the horse always wins in CP, then the rider should move up as an act of courtesy to TP.

    • I would agree. If a horse is successful at TP they should not move back to CP just to add to their ribbon count.