Dan Grigson & Kentucky Walking Horse Association

10 Key Elements to a Successful Organization

In recent days and throughout the years it has become pretty obvious that some organizations are more successful than others. This is true in any Industry regardless of whether it is the Walking Horse Industry or the P.T.A. at the local school.

Some of the major organizations within the Tennessee Walking Horse Association are: Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association, Walking Horse Owners Association, Trainers Association, Tennessee Walking Horse Sound Horse Organization, and Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration. In addition there are many strong Local, State, and Regional organizations.

If you examine and do research on those associations you will quickly find out that they have many more commonalities than differences.

Think about it, each of these organizations has the promotion of the Tennessee Walking Horse as one of its main goals. Each organization has members that stand to gain, either monetarily or otherwise, by having successful show seasons with many horses competing at a high level. Each of the organizations is either directly or indirectly interested in the breeding, showing, and selling of Tennessee Walking Horses.

I have found that there is always room for improvement no matter what industry or organization you are talking about, and obviously some organizations are more successful than others. The great part about these organizations is that each of them stands to gain anytime the other becomes more successful. In plain English that means that communications and cooperation are essential for the success of each of these organizations. It also means that they have much more to gain by getting along than they do by having friction among groups.

No matter what industry or organization that you belong to, one needs to be aware of the key elements to success in any given niche.

    Keys to a successful organization

• Strong Leadership
• Active Membership
• Trust
• Networking
• Income
• Cooperation
• Communication
• Mutual Respect
• Volunteers
• Improvement Plan based on Real Data

Each of these elements is essential for success. A breakdown in any of these elements will cause difficulties that are damaging to individual organizations as well as the whole group. some of these elements are more important than others and one could prioritize the list but it really does not matter because failure in any of the elements will make high levels of success impossible.

To put it in the words of my grandmother, “Get your own house in order before you leave the house!”

The Kentucky Walking Horse Association like many organization certainly has room for improvement.

I was motivated to write this article as I observed a hard working leader that was willing to get his hands dirty and fight the dust. Following these ten elements will make things much better when the dust settles. That man was Dan Grigson and you can view his work ethic in the short video that follows this article.

Improvement can be achieved…… “One Member at a time.”

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