Horse Agility, A Concept That Will Change The Way You Think

Change, a six letter word that seems to incite fear into each and every one of us. We need to view change in a new and innovative manner that will greatly enhance our lives and give us a more complete life.

This article is for you. We all need it whether we realize it or not. If we are to grow as human beings, if we are to become more knowledgeable, and if we are going to be all that we are meant to be, we must embrace the concept of change as a positive way of life.

If we are to embrace this concept we must first realize what it is that causes us to resist change.

There are many theories as to why people resist change. It has been said that people are creatures of habit, naturally inclining to fit themselves into a set routine and stick with it. Many people become comfortable with how things are, and have a hard time adjusting to anything outside of their comfort zone.

Some people resist change because they get comfortable living a certain way. Also, it can be fear which causes a person to resist change. We must understand that change can be a good thing.

At this point I am sure that you are wondering, what does the author of this article want me to change. Actually I only want you to become more receptive to change and view it as a vital part of at least gaining knowledge and at most giving you a better perspective on life.

If you have accepted the idea of change being a positive part of your life then you are ready to proceed.

It is at this point that I am going to make an attempt to get you to change the way you perceive peoples interaction with horses. Most of us believe that a horse is only meant to be ridden. That is what I do and I plan to ride as long as I can physically do so. We think that if someone has a horse then surely they ride it. It is my hope that you will expand your preconceived idea and consider that one might be able to enjoy horses without ever getting on their back. Your friends that follow and support you at shows may not ever ride, yet they may consider this.

Horses can be used from the ground. You can inner act with them and have a relationship that does not include riding. Allen Pogue and Suzanne De Laurentis(husband and wife) have a program that elaborates on this concept. They live in a small Texas town called Dripping Springs, Texas.

Sue had the most magnificent demonstration of this concept just recently at the World Versatility Horse Show. Her program included an introduction to “Horse Agility” which greatly enhances a horses range of motion but just as important was the idea of enjoying your horse without getting on your horses back. Certainly there is nothing wrong with riding your horse and you can actually do both, yet she explained something to us that I had never thought about.

She asked this question: How about the person that wants a horse, but does not want to ride? This was a new concept for me. I never thought about someone wanting to have a horse and not ride the horse. I loved the idea as one more way to market our horse. The demonstration clearly illustrated that horse owners can have a great deal of fun with their horse and never get on their back. We observed many equestrians completely enjoy their horse while guiding them through several task.

I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Because of my own reservations I am sure that you also need to see this in action. I am proud to say that while I too am resistant to change, this demonstration changed my mind and enabled me to grow as a person.

If you are ready for a change and want to grow in knowledge, check out the video below and see for yourself!

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