Let’s Dance, “Pro/Am” A Father Daughter Act

The Journey that we are on has the Tennessee Walking Horse in the forefront and is rich in tradition. But the old expression, “Blood is thicker than water.”
still holds true. The relationship between a Father and his Daughter is one to be held as precious. If you have a daughter then you know exactly what I am
talking about and one can only imagine just how special that relationship is. I looked into a fathers eyes on Wed. night at the Exhibitors Party, and I it became
clear just how special it could be for a Father and Daughter to share a ride on a Tennessee Walking Horse in a Pro/Am Class at the Tunica Fall Classic. At this point
it was just a plan. After the Friday Morning Workouts we spoke again and Father and Daughter were easing toward a goal that was made possible in the back draft of this great
industry. As the class progressed it became obvious to all that on this night, in this class, a Father and Daughter would make a memory that would be theirs forever. Enjoy
the VIDEO as you reflect on your relationships with Gods greatest gift. “The Child”

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