Major and Me.

Major and Me
By: Maggie-Mae White
October 2012

This didn’t happen long ago or far away
to some stranger on the street.
This happened to me.

Four years ago I received a special Christmas present,
he was a padded Tennessee Walking Horse.
He was all for me.

His name was You’re In Command, I called him Major,
we practiced together everyday, we will be a team.
Major and me.

No pattern was left unpracticed, no gait not correct.
Weeks at a time we were together, playing in Tennessee.
Major and me.

Our instructor Alice correcting our form,
our circles and our timing.
Alice, Major, and me.

Our circles were round, our serpentines even,
our lines were straight and our transitions smooth.
Major and me.

Equitation is the “art of riding”.
It’s our last chance to compete, no adult class offered.
For Major and me.

Our goal was to win the Equitation Grand Championship
at the show of the year, our Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.
Just Major and me.

We crown our World Champion here in every division.
We will wear the roses, we will ride in the big oval.
Major and me.

The day was here, our time to show our practice had been worth it.
Major was bathed, clipped, brushed and shined.
He looked perfect to me.

I dressed with care and did my hair.
My trainer walked to the Designated Qualified Person with pride.
Major and Jeff.

There were two of them to check his feet, his soundness not in question.
He’s good they said, enjoy your ride.
The DQP’s, Jeff and Major.

His feet were swabbed, he walked the cones,
was palpated by the best our industry had to offer.
Major all alone.

Then the government took my horse, big Ernie staring us down.
My heart stopped, the breath caught in my throat.
Ernie, Jeff, Major and me.

His agenda strong to punish us all, padded horses he appalled.
No horse he cleared, he ticketed them all.
Ernie, Major and me.

Then it was over, big Ernie announced
I find your horse is sore!
Major and me.

What do you mean? I questioned him my confusion clearly showing.
You can not show, your horse is out!
Major and me.

Major is not sore!
No chemicals, no calluses, no blood!
Major and me, stunned.

The officials came saying he was wrong, the horse is not sore.
The vets came saying he was wrong, the horse is not sore.
The officials, the vets, Major and me.

The Celebration, SHOW, and Purple Strategies, all said it would be okay.
The industry I love, all came out to support us on that day.
But it will never be okay, for Major and me.

I was the last casualty that day,
on Ernie’s long standing agenda to break our industry.
Ernie went away.

The reporters came, the TV cameras were ready.
“Maggie-Mae, please tell us your story”.
Just me.

Ride your horse girl, show us he’s not sore.
We entered the oval to take the ride Ernie had stolen from us.
Just Major and Me.

We rode alone, just Major and me, not noticing the cameras.
We did our pattern perfectly though no one would really see.
Major and me.

I was smiling, my horse and me, the team I knew we’d be.
While others cried and offered me, their deepest apologies.
Still Major and me.
by: Maggie-Mae White

The news story aired, the ugly truth shared. Its outrageous they all cried!
Except the Humane Society of the United States, they said that we had lied.
The industry and me.

The HSUS never saw my horse, they never lifted his foot or looked into his eye.
They never talked to me or asked my trainers before they spread their lies.
Jeff, Alice, Major and me.

Use science! says the government, to prove your horse is sound.
The swab was clean, the science was there but the horse, I could not show.
Ernie, Major and me.

I never rode my horse again, I had promised him to the academy.
He would spend his days teaching others to ride, the same joy he gave to me.
Just Major.

The dream was over, he no longer belonged to me.
No judges, no cheering, no ribbon, no roses.
Just me all alone, crying.

2 Responses to Major and Me.

  1. This just brings tears to my eyes. That child worked so hard to fulfill her dream of riding her best friend and partner in the show that she had dreamed of, and all it took was one vengeful, hateful, mean man on a mission to wreck it. He should be horse whipped. I hope that the next time he decides to inspect a horse with his mission, that said horse stomps on his foot and kicks him in the ass.