“Oh Captain My Captain” or “This just ain’t right!”

Oh Captain my Captain,
which way shall we go?
We shall travel the ways of righteousness
as we rock to and fro.

My class is upon us,
I hope my horse will be ready.
Pay attention to the small things,
your horse will be steady.

Oh Captain my Captain,
I am nervous and don’t know what to do.
Look straight between his ears
no one else has a clue.

Easy for you to say,
as you talk on that phone.
Go talk to Margaret,
and leave me alone.

Oh Captain my Captain,
do you think I will fall?
If you do don’t get up
the emergency room I will call.

You are not any help,
Jason what do you think?
That’s not my job,
go jump in the lake.

Why do I have a trainer?
This isn’t much fun.
Go sit in Shana’s chair,
you will come back at a run.

My Captain my Captain,
this saddle is slick.
Go talk to Harvey,
Jose, or some chick.

I just can’t believe this,
now help me get on.
Come over on this side,
the right side is wrong.

Where is my back number?
I have to be seen.
Don’t worry about it
your number thirteen.

Thirteen are you kidding?
You know that’s bad luck.
We will get another number,
it’s back in the truck.

Sixty nine are you kidding?
I can not wear that.
You really have no choice,
you are ugly and fat.

Oh Captain, My Captain
I am going to kick your @@@.
Go ahead and get started,
you just missed your class.


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