Sometimes one needs to sit back and reflect on “what is really going on.” We are approaching a new show season with much anticipation, yet we are apprehensive about it and possibly over reacting. This is not a healthy attitude nor is it helpful.
You see, much of life is no different than the latest circumstances that we face in the Walking horse industry. Everyday people face difficult times. Smart men and women realize the two themes that I am writing about.

    Theme one

When facing any problem or bad circumstance one needs to respond rather than react!
Think about the latest reactions to (a) alleged violations of the Horse Protection Act( b)Listening Sessions In each of these difficult circumstances many of us have reacted rather than responding. When one reacts rather than responding we usually make mistakes and these mistakes can be costly. The old expression ” Haste makes waste” is just as true today.
Think about the last time you were in a bad circumstance or difficult time. Maybe your best friend did something that hurt your feelings or maybe it was your boss. Did you react quickly or give it some time, reflect on it, and then respond. Usually when we react quickly we strike out to hurt that person or get even. If your relationship with that person is important then you probably regretted what you said or did. Going on the defensive as a quick reaction is a poor choice that we often make. Believe me I have had to apologize more times than I like to admit.

    Theme two:

We must always remain positive!
As we approach a new show season, we have much to be positive about. Last year we had the best Celebration since 2005. We have to believe that 2012 will be even better! I observed outstanding shows at Cookeville, Gallatin, Columbia, and Bowling Green. You may have a new horse that you are excited to show, or you may be looking forward to your horse being better after a winters work. If we spend more time focusing on the positive rather than the negative not only do we feel better , but we give our new aspirations a much greater chance of becoming our new reality.
As moderator of my new site, I have been to several of the local training barns. I have seen an increase in the number of two year olds that look like they will be going to the horse show. And many of the other horses are entertaining me thoroughly. I can’t wait to get to the horse shows and realize that we truly have the greatest and most versatile horse in the world… “THE TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE! “


  1. Great article, we must search our own attitude and if it is not of a positive nature we need to change. Most people need a road map to reach our destiny. Like most men we won’t stop and ask for directions.

  2. Great article, attitudes are the most important and first thing we destroy when we react. A good attitude will enhance a sucsesful out come in any venture we encounter.