4 Responses to Teaching Your Horse to go Long and Low

  1. I enjoyed watching your video on Long and Low. I use to use this on our AQHA back in the 1980’s. We’d usually put the horses hind end, toward the corner of the arena, apply the contact that you discussed, and also apply a small amount of calf pressure. The leg pressure helps push the horse forward into the bit, and prevents them from taking a step backwards.

    This is a GREAT Training Tool, and can be used in all Breeds, Styles and Disciplines. Thank you so much for putting it out here on Video for other’s to watch.

    The most important thing, is stick with it, and reward reward reward. Of course our reward is giving the horse their reins. 😉

    – Kimberly

  2. Excellent step by step instructions that are easy to follow and understand. Not too much information is given at a time but yet each step is clearly shown through example with this beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse.
    This is a new concept for me and I will repeat watching many times. I certainly can see the usefulness in it with any horse.

    GREAT JOB! Keep going…ride on!