By: bob roach

Just waking up on a Saturday morning and realizing that I have to go to a long time friends wedding. That’s right, no horsing around today. It is amazing though, sometimes my most enjoyable time is spent right before I get up. It is that period of time when I am not sure if I am dreaming or actually awake that I get great pleasure from just old fashioned “Day Dreaming”

On this morning I was day dreaming about the difference between a “lie” and the “truth.” My thoughts led me to wonder which one has the greatest ability to change the course of history.

As an old history teacher, I realized that many in America were upset about the high taxes that the British were demanding of the area then known as New England. But what was the truth? Were the British really taxing the Americans too much or was it merely the cost of the protection that the British deserved as a result of protecting America during the French and Indian War?

You see, many people believe that we fought for our independence because of high taxes. But that is a lie. We actually went to war to fight to be an independent nation shouting, “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!” So the truth is that we were upset about not having any representation in the British Parliament.

The lie, that taxes were too high, upset lots of people. But the truth, that we had no representation in the British parliament, changed the course of history.

As many of you know, that have followed Walking Horse Club Ky Articles, this article is not a history lesson. It is an attempt to make sense of what is going on in our beloved walking horse industry. It is an attempt to figure out what will actually change the course of history concerning our show horse.

It is believed by this writer that it will not be the lies but the truth that changes the course of the Tennessee Walking Horse.

At this point one could discuss many factors that have an influence on the course we will end up taking. For example, all padded horses are unsound, the H.S.U.S. is a nonprofit organization, only people can make a horse unsound, Earnest Johnson is not only an employ of the U.S.D.A. but also received money from outside sources, T.W.S.H.O is attempting to take complete control over the industry, Roy Exum is receiving money from outside sources, the T.W.H.B.E.A. wants to become the sole organization to crown the World Grand Champion. Each of these topics is either true or false. I have no idea as to their merit.

What I do know is that determining the truth will be more beneficial to changing the course of history concerning the direction of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry. I am sure that you are waiting for me to use the quote,” The Truth Will Set You Free.” There I said it, but that is not what I believe today. I believe the truth will have more to do with changing the course of human events than the lies that plague our industry. If we want to either preserve or change history of the Tennessee Walking Horse we need to be in search of the truth.

The truth is not hidden in a closet, it is not hidden somewhere in your heart, it is not even hidden in what people want to call perception. It is hidden by those that have hidden agendas that line their pockets with money.

We should be in search of the truth if we in fact want to change the course of our beloved horse. It was the truth that historically gave Americans the determination to fight for our freedom which created the greatest nation in the world. And it will be the truth that enables us to preserve the greatest breed of horse in the world.


  1. I truly enjoy your articles as well as your videos. We are blessed to have this wonderfully bred horse. I know mine are treated as my children. They are my best friends. I love their personalities, the way they enjoy being ridden and the change you see between the barn horse and the show horse. They are more competitive than I am. In part because I appreciate them for the way they are…the playful and the serious. It is sad that those judging our breed almost “profile” all of us by a few. Sad isn’t it ?

    • Hey Susie…. I hear you… I just plan on staying positive and enjoying every moment of every day. It is amazing how enjoyable it can be to do something for someone else. Later, In His light, bob roach

  2. Great comments about the Truth. One issue about the truth is that everyone sees the truth in a different way. Here is the truth for me We must support all horses that make up the TWH. Which must include the performance horse with chains. We must unit under one group with reps from each existing group including the Celebration. If we need to add reps from differnt groups we can as needed. My truth is that we need to put aside what we think about a person or about what has happen in the past. Instead we need to welcome anyone that is willing to help promote and support this breed. We must edcatate the public with our comments, letters, e-mail, clinics and shows. These are a few of my truths. What say you.
    Everett Butch Allen