The Value of Time (Panama City Beach Lesson)

Do you remember your first kiss? Your first girl or boy friend? The first date in a car, or the first horse show you attended or showed in? Each of these events have much in common. Not only were they first time experiences for you, but in all likely hood will be remembered and cherished for your entire life. When we do something for the first time, we have no preconceived expectations which could cause us to be let down. We anticipate the joy of each event and hope for the best! We have nothing to compare it to because THIS is our first.

That is exactly how I felt as I experienced the Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show in Panama City Beach. The anticipation was my preparation for one of the most exhilarating times in my life. Think about it, great sea food, live entertainment, beautiful weather, talented horses, in a setting (the beach) which defies the definition of natural and powerful beauty.

I left one very important ingredient out of this scenario. Can you think about what that might be? I left out the most important part.

When you impart on an adventure like the Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show in Panama City Beach , you get the opportunity to build on relationships with others. Our relationships with each other is second only to the relationship that we have with our creator. Each of us were surrounded by family, friends, peers, and colleagues with a common goal. For a short slice of our lives we were all in the same city,showing at the same horse show, under similar circumstances. Our primary goal was to have a great time, but in the meantime we were “building relationships” by spending quality time with each other.

As you reflect on your week of fun in the sun, regardless of whether you were eating out at a favorite restaurant, spending time at the beach, shopping, playing golf, or attending the horse show, you gave each other the most cherished commodity that you have. You gave your time to family and friends. Giving of your time to family and friends says more about what is important to you than anything else one can do. Time truly is our most precious commodity. We can make more money but each of us only has twenty four hours in a day, with no idea how many days we have.

When you ate out at those great restaurants the food was great but the conversation and fellowship were priceless. Our conversation was better than any of the delicacies that we ordered. Well most of them anyway. Hard to beat oyster on the half shell! While at the horse show I was able to observe trainers helping each other prepare each others horses for competition. They gave unselfishly of their time and built relationships that last a life time.

I watched husbands and wives as they helped kids and grand kids prepare to show their horses. Friends got together and either went to play golf, went to the beach, or went shopping and built fond memories that build relationships that can only be strengthened by spending time with each other. I watched the wives of two men who had never met before, in just three days, build a relationship that neither will forget. I watched kids play with family and friends at the beach.

As a horse lover that attends from twenty to thirty horse shows a year, you may get home and reflect about the great horses that you saw or rode. Many will spend money on advertisement in order to promote our great horse. You may have even won multiple blue ribbons. Yet, the most precious accomplishments at the Gulf Coast Charity Horse Show in Panama City Beach will be the relationships that were built. And all that it cost us was our “time.” Thank you just now for giving me your time. Time that we can not get back and will be remembered for a life time.

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