W.H.C.Ky’s Celebration Amateur Spotlight on Sheryl Crawford

Every one needs a hero and today my Hero is a “Lady” who takes command of her life and passion. She loves her horses and loves the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry. Her success in the industry looks like a list of “Who’s Who”

Sheryl Crawford’s success has been no accident. The late I’M in Command was a breeding horse that she not only speaks of with compassion but for many years was the basis for much of her breeding success which led to many wins in major show cases including the Celebration.

In this years Celebration Sheryl has shown 4 times. She placed 3 in the OWNER AMATEUR RIDERS ON TWO YEAR OLD STALLIONS SEC A riding Keep your Cash, 9th in the OWNER AMATEUR LADY RIDERS ON GELDINGS atop War Commander,8th in the ELITE OWNER AMATEUR LADIES MARES/GELDINGS class, and 4th in the ELITE OWNER AMATEUR LADIES STALLIONS class aboard Command and Control.

Crawford Colts winners with trainer Winky Groover thus far include the great three year old stallion Command on Parole the reigning third place winner in the 3 Year Old Stallion and your 2012 World Champion Keep Your Cash.

Speaking of Keep Your Cash, this is actually were the story begins. I could speak volumes about the difference that Sheryl is making in the breeding world with Crawford Colts. We all know how difficult it is to raise and show your own colts. And everyone admires Sheryl for her long and tireless effort this year with the TTEC conference. Yet it is her resilience, diligence, and dedication that make Sheryl Crawford not only the Walking Horse Club Ky’s 2012 National Celebration amateur spotlight recipient but more importantly… “my hero”

I will never forget watching Sheryl’s ride aboard Keep Your Cash. It was the Tony Rice Center Horse Show on July 5th. Keep in mind this is less than two months ago. Even though Winky had shown the colt a few times already, Sheryl was quite concerned about showing that night. I remember her telling me how much excess energy her colt had and that he really gets excited when he gets to the horse show. The Tony Rice Show was no exception as Keep Your Cash was full of energy and had lots of fun all the way to the stewards station.

As I watched Sheryl show, it was quite obvious that even in early July this colt was not easy to ride and really was difficult to navigate around the oval. Placing first in a modest field of horses that evening and staying on his back seemed a triumph within itself.

As site manager of Walking Horse Club Ky I found myself back in Tennessee for the Fayetteville, Bellfast, Wartrace weekend. Once again Sheryl won the blue at the prestigious Wartrace horse show. I went to congratulate her on her win and of course she had a bigger than life smile on her face and was most gracious. I can remember talking to Sheryl about the colt and she was very excited about his progress,yet quick to tell me that he still was not finished out and needed much mouth work.

Well! When I heard that, I just took it for granted that she was basically saying that Keep Your Cash was going to make a better three year old than he was a two year old.

When I got to the Celebration on Wed in preparation for the Meet and Greet, Sheryl became my hero. I asked her about her celebration contenders and she spoke about each of them with pride and passion. But when she told me that she was showing “Keep Your Cash” I just had to question her. I said, “Sheryl I did not think you were going to show him at the celebration. And this is when I found out what Sheryl Crawford is all about. Bob, she said. “It’s the Celebration, you have to give it your best shot!”

Well If you were not already in love with this self proclaimed tomboy, you certainly would have to fall for her now. She, along with Winky and supported completely by Shelia gave it their best shot and were crowned World Champion Two Year Old Stallions Div A. last night at the 2012 National Celebration.

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